SOFTRINA LLS – your guide to Russian market of software distribution

Company SOFTRINA is software distributor and reseller from Russia. Since 2014 we have organized work with most popular software vendors such as Microsoft, Adobe, ABBYY, Corel, ESET, McAfee, Kaspersky Lab, G Data from all over the world. We have enough knowledge in law and IT for licensing end users all around Russia. Our infrastructure allows to sell and buy software legally, and has all necessary elements for international contracting.
We working with licenses for commercial and personal use, and have already dealt with companies from car dealers to railway companies. We also actively deal with govermental organizations about legalization their software use.
For personal use we distribute software via ESD(Electronic software distribution) and boxes. And we looks for new partners and ways for co-working.

We suggest:
– Legal distribution of your software or multimedia content in Russia for personal and commercial use;
– Representation of your software or multimedia company in Russia;
– Market investigation for your software or multimedia product;
– Localization of your software or multimedia product;
– Local technical support;
– TAX(VAT too) and customs support;
– Consulting.

We work according with Russian law and can support you with legal mechanism for getting profit in our country. Safety of your benefits is garanteed.
If you are interested in working in our country you are welcome.
Yours faithfuly,
CEO Vasily Grebnev


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